Joe speaks to share his own life lessons and rewards in hopes to spark the same fire that burns brightly inside of him.




 Driven by unbridled ambition, nothing has kept Joe down since the day he was born in New York. Few can believe that a boy unable to walk without the aid of leg braces would transform into an unstoppable force.  One of the shortest and scrawniest in his class, Joe seemed destined for a life of being picked last and holding down the end of the bench.  But Joe had other plans.


“Being a teacher and coach for the last ten years I am always exploring new ways to motivate, inspire, and reach young adolescents. Recently, Joe Parrello addressed my Varsity Girls Basketball Team before our sectional tournament; I can say with complete confidence it was a game changer! Joe challenged my team to hold themselves accountable. He asked thought provoking questions and allowed the girls to have a voice in the process. He stressed the importance of living in the moment and making the most of every opportunity in front of you.  Joe was passionate, and that passion could be felt by all the girls in the room. There was a distinct change in mindset the last week of our season and I credit Joe for his ability help young youth, find the best in themselves. I look forward to having my team continue to work with him next season!”


Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

  • Championship Mindset

  • Becoming a successful student athlete

  • Decision Making

  • Bullying

  • Bridging the gaps between the community and law enforcement

  • N-Never settle for less than your personal best.

  • Y- You control the amount of effort you put forth.

  • C- Commitment. Are you committed to your goals?

  • E- Everyone fails. Will you get up?


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